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Dr. Katie Kalinowski

Psychologist, DCounsPsych, HCPC - Couns. Psych.

Terms & Conditions

Confidentiality & Data Protection 

Therapy is strictly confidential, and any information revealed during therapy will not be revealed to any organisation without your permission. However, if you threaten harm to yourself or another person, or if you threaten to destroy property, Dr Katie Kalinowski will act in a responsible manner and inform or protect you or those at risk. If there is child abuse, physical and/or sexual, Dr Katie Kalinowski is required to act responsibly. No action will be taken without you being informed. If you have any concerns about this, please do not hesitate to discuss this with me.

Information held about you is considered "sensitive" and is safeguarded to ensure that it remains confidential. Information held is kept to a minimum to provide effective treatment, maintain accounting, and to meet professional codes. No information will be released without your express and informed consent.

Client notes are stored securely and in accordance with strict ethical and professional guidelines. These records are routinely destroyed when it is clear that they will no longer be needed. You have the right to a copy of any information in your records. If you require a copy of your record please notify Dr Katie Kalinowski in writing and she will comply within 14 days unless there are unusual circumstances.

Payment of Fees

I agree to pay the fee per session for these services and to pay for services provided to me up until the time I end therapy. Sessions may be conducted in the therapy office or via ZOOM. I agree that I am responsible for the charges for services provided to me by Dr Katie Kalinowski.

If my treatment is being covered by private healthcare insurance and my policy does not cover the entire cost of my treatment, I agree that I am responsible for any fees not covered by my policy. I agree that is my responsibility to check with my insurers of any amount that will not be covered by them.

I am aware that I may stop my treatment at any time. The only thing I will still be responsible for is paying for the services I have already received.

Cancellation Policy

I know that I must call or email to cancel or change an appointment at least 48 business hours before the time of the appointment. If I do not cancel and do not attend, I will be charged for that appointment.

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